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composite fillings Scarborough

What Are Composite Fillings?

If you’ve recently experienced tooth decay or other dental problems, you may be seeking the appropriate method to restore your teeth. So today, we’ll explain in detail what composite filling is and when it’s a good option.

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Composite filling is a popular restoration method for treating dental cavities. Despite the metal fillings, composite fillings are made of tooth-colored resin that resembles your natural teeth’ appearance. They improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring back the function and beauty of your teeth. Let’s discuss in more detail everything you need to know about composite fillings and also helpful information on dental care. Golden Mile Dental is your trusted source for composite fillings in Scarborough, offering durable and natural-looking restorations.

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Composite Filling: The Ultimate Tooth Restoration  

Composite filling is a dental restoration option that is used to enhance your dental health by treating the damaged parts of your teeth. They are also known as tooth-colored or resin-based fillings. Composite fillings are a combination of plastic resin and crushed glass particles, resulting in their tooth-colored appearance.

Composite fillings provide various advantages over metal fillings. Their aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons for their attractiveness, which makes them a suitable choice for visible areas of your mouth. Furthermore, composite fillings are better choices because they can maintain the healthy structure of your tooth since there’s no need to remove a large portion of the tooth for their application. It’s good to know that composite fillings will directly adhere to your teeth’ surface, offering more support and preventing further damage.

Additionally, the dentist will minimize the possibility of bacteria penetration and recurrent cavities by sealing. Ultimately, it can be said that composite fillings provide a strong and aesthetically pleasing solution to restore your teeth’ appearance and functionality. For flawless composite fillings, trust the expert cosmetic dentist in Scarborough to enhance your smile at our state-of-the-art clinic.

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composite fillings Scarborough

Benefits Of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a popular option for many people because they have several advantages over traditional metal fillings:

  1. Composite Offers an Aesthetic Appealing Look:

The natural appearance of composite fillings is one of their main benefits. Due to their natural appearance, they are almost indistinguishable from the remaining portion of the tooth and can be precisely matched to the patient’s natural tooth color. It makes them a perfect option for filling cavities, particularly in the parts that are more visible.

  1. Filling Help Preserve Your Tooth Structure:

Despite metal fillings, composite fillings directly adhere to your tooth surface and don’t require much tooth removal. This can lead to the tooth’s strength and integrity, maintaining its healthy structure.

  1. Dental Fillings Are a Versatile Option:

Dental issues, such as cavities, chipped or fractured teeth, and eroded tooth enamel, can be fixed with composite fillings. They offer a suitable solution to enhance the appearance of your smile by reshaping the deformed teeth and filling the small gaps between them.

  1. They Minimize Tooth Sensitivity:

Composite fillings can reduce tooth sensitivity because they don’t react much to cold and hot temperatures. This indicates that people who used to eat hot and cold foods and beverages are less prone to experiencing pain or discomfort.

  1. It Is a Conservative Treatment:

The preparation phase of composite fillings is usually easier. Because this type of filling requires less drilling and enamel removal than metal fillings, composite fillings will bond to the tooth surface and preserve the natural tooth structure through the filling procedure.

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composite fillings Scarborough

Downsides of Composite Fillings

Although composite fillings have several benefits, patients should be aware of the following drawbacks:

  1. Cost: one of the main disadvantages of composite fillings is their higher price. They usually cost more than other types of fillings because they require more skill and time to effectively restore the teeth.
  2. Time-consuming: Compared to metal fillings, filling a tooth with composite usually takes longer and requires more attention to detail. It can take a while for the dentist to meticulously layer and shape the composite material to address the damages inflicted on the tooth.
  3. Technique-Sensitive: Proper placement of composite fillings necessitates experience and expertise. Inadequate bonding or incorrect placement can cause problems, including recurrent decay, early erosion, and chipping. To guarantee the best possible results for their patients, dentists need to complete specific training and gain expertise to work with composite.

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The Procedure for Getting Composite Fillings in Scarborough

For the first step, your dentist must apply local anesthesia to ensure you won’t feel any pain during the process. After numbing the tooth, it’s time to remove the damaged parts with a dental drill or laser to provide a stable and clean surface for the filling material.

Next, the dentist will combine glass particles and resin to create the composite filling material. When preparation is done, the composite is carefully applied in layers, and each layer must be hardened using a particular light. In the next stage, the dental professional will shape and polish the composite when it has been applied to guarantee the functionality and natural appearance of your filled tooth. Ultimately, the dentist will examine the patient’s bite to make sure everything is aligned correctly and make any required corrections. Say goodbye to cavities with composite fillings from Golden Mile Dental in Toronto (Scarborough), ensuring long-lasting oral health.

What to Do for Aftercare composite fillings in Scarborough?

Composite filling aftercare is easy, but it’s crucial to follow the instructions consistently. You should eat soft foods like soup and mashed potatoes. Plus, sticky foods should not be consumed right after the procedure because they can cause damage or displace the filling. Additionally, proper oral hygiene is necessary to prevent cavities by removing bacteria and plaque. Don’t forget the importance of Regular dental examinations. During dental checkups, your dentist can monitor your restored teeth and make adjustments if required.

To Sum Up

Composite fillings provide a suitable and attractive way to restore damaged teeth and enhance the appearance of the smile. They offer various benefits, including reduced sensitivity, natural appearance, and preservation of tooth structure. Moreover, due to their higher cost, patients should consider their budget limitations to make better decisions. Composite fillings can last for years with proper care and good oral health. Regular checkups and healthy habits can guarantee the efficiency of the treatment in the long run.

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