Dental Clinic for Seneca College Students

Dental Services for Seneca College Students

  • Student Green Shield and Sun Life
  • Student discount for Seneca College students (80% coverage)
  • Free consultation available
  • Same-day dental appointments
  • 24/7 emergency call answering
  • Walk-in patients are welcome

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Affordable Dental Services for Seneca College Students

Golden Mile Dental takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of dental services for Seneca College students in Toronto, covered by Green Shield and Sun life insurance plan. We believe that every student deserves to receive the best quality dental care at an affordable price. That’s why we provide discounted dental treatments for students at Seneca college, tailored to their needs. Not only do we accept students insurance plans, but we also consider flexible payment options for patients visiting our specialists. Our dental experts deliver the best-in-class dental services to students from Seneca College with %80 discount. 

Dental Clinic for Seneca University Students

Golden Mile Dental is the right destination if you are looking for a one-stop dental clinic as a university student in Toronto. When facing a dental emergency, contact our office for 24/7 emergency call answering services until you visit our dentist. Walk-in patients are welcome. We also schedule same-day appointments for students that fit their busy timetables. Give us a phone call right away.

Root Canal Treatment for Seneca College Students

Students from Seneca College can get pain-free root canal treatment in Toronto and have a healthy smile once again. You will receive a discount, up to %80, on our root canal treatment. Golden Mile Dental strives to stay at the top of the list for health care providers and offer dental services that meet your budget in the best way. Contact for a free consultation.

Dental Fillings for Seneca College Students

Dental filling is a restorative dental technique required in many dental procedures, such as root canal therapy. As a Seneca College student, Golden Mile Dental is the right place if you need dental filling services covered by your insurance plan. We are dedicated to offering exceptional dental services, such as dental filling, and gift you a healthy smile.

Dental Check-ups for Seneca College Students

Here at Golden Mile Dental, we believe that everyone deserves to receive top-quality dental care at affordable prices. That explains why our dental specialists offer Seneca College students regular dental exams in Toronto that ensures their lifetime oral health. Your busy schedule as a college student shouldn’t stay in your way to follow your regular dental checkups. So, our caring team try to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, not interfering with your busy timetable.

Tooth Extraction for Seneca College Students

Tooth extraction may seem to be a painful and complex dental procedure, but not at Golden Mile Dental. We serve the students of Seneca College with a pain-free tooth extraction in Toronto, considering %80 discount and their insurance plan. Contact our office at +1 (647)490-6888

Emergency Dental Services for Seneca College Students

Dental emergencies typically occur out of a sudden and require immediate treatment. Seneca Colleg students who face a dental emergency can count on our certified emergency dentist for discounted yet professional urgent dental care. We also come to your aid by 24/7 emergency call answering services when it takes time for you to visit our emergency dentist. Same-day appointments are available. We welcome walk-in patients in the event of a dental emergency.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction for Seneca College Students

At Golden Mile Dental, we provide Seneca College students with a painless wisdom tooth extraction experience in Toronto, offering an 80% discount and accommodating their insurance plans. Don’t hesitate to visit us if you prefer to take a great step toward preserving your oral health and well-being.