Dental Clinic for York University Students

Dental Services for York University Students

  • Student Green Shield and Sun Life
  • Student discount for York University Students (80% coverage)
  • Free consultation available
  • Same-day dental appointments
  • 24/7 emergency call answering available
  • Walk-in patients are welcome

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Quality Dental Care for York University Students in Toronto

Golden Mile Dental in Toronto is proud to offer discounts on a full array of dental services up to %80 for York university students. We provide the students with the best quality services in Toronto and the surrounding area through the Green Shield and Sun Life insurance plan. Affordable dental treatments are accessible for every York university student, thanks to Golden Mile’s excellent dental coverage plan.

Dental Clinic for York University Students

If you are looking for discounted best-in-class dental care as a York university student, look no further than Golden mile Dental. You can step into our dental clinic with no scheduled appointment since walk-in patients are welcome here. Besides, we will come to your aid with our 24/7 emergency call answering services. Get in touch with our professional team for a free consultation. We serve York university students in our Toronto dental clinic with all dental services. 

Dental Fillings for York University Students

 The dental filling is among the most prevalent teeth restoration services provided for York university students in our Toronto dental clinic. Our general and cosmetic dentists restore both the health and beauty of your teeth, utilizing high-quality dental fillings covered under the student insurance plan. You can benefit from our filling services through same-day appointments that do not interfere with your busy timetable. Give us a phone call for more information.

Dental Checkups and Exams for York University Students

Here at Golden Mile Dental, we understand that considering regular dental exams is not easy for university students because of the high costs. That explains why we proudly offer dental exams to York University students with a discount, up to %80 and flexible appointment times without upsetting their busy timetable. Bear in mind that regular dental checkups are of the essence if you aim to maintain a lifetime healthy smile.

Root Canal Treatment for York University Students

Are you experiencing severe dental pain due to tooth decay or fractures? You probably need root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is one of those dentistry services covered by the York University student insurance plan at Golden Mile Dental. You can get back the complete health of your tooth through pain-free root canal therapy and pay no money. Contact our office and schedule an appointment right away.

Emergency Dental Services for York University Students

Golden Mile Dental stays at the top of the list of emergency dental service providers throughout Toronto for York university students. Backed with years of experience and immense expertise, our emergency dentists deliver a wide range of urgent dental treatments concerning the students’ insurance plans. As a York university student, you don’t need to worry about the high costs of emergency dental services as far as Golden Mile Dental is here to help. Walk-in patients are accepted in the event of a dental emergency.

Tooth Extraction for York University Students

Although, all experienced dentists aim to save the patients natural teeth, in some cases, there’s no other solution rather than tooth extraction. Golden Mile dental serves as a reliable dental clinic offering pain-free tooth extraction services in Toronto for all valued York University Students. Besides, we consider up to 80% discount on all emergency dental services, including dental filling, root canal therapy, and tooth extraction. Call us right now.