Gum Graft Scarborough

If you are going through a professional yet affordable gum grafting surgery in Scarborough due to gum recession, the experienced dental team at Golden Mile Dental is always ready to help.

Professional and Painless Gum Grafting Surgery in Scarborough

Are you experiencing gum recession and related issues like tooth sensitivity? Are you in need of gum grafting surgeries to support a successful dental implant treatment or denture replacement? Don’t hesitate to visit us at Golden Mile Dental. Our gum grafting surgeon in Scarborough uses advanced dental tools to restore the health of your gums. 

If you desire to have an aligned gum line and showcase a beautiful, complete smile, the gum grafting specialist in Scarborough at Golden Mile Dental is the expert you should schedule an appointment with. Contact us without delay to get started.

The Process of Gum Grafting Surgery

When gum recession occurs due to trauma or periodontal disease, it can expose the tooth roots and make them look unattractive and elongated. Gum graft surgeries or receding gum surgeries are performed to fix uneven gum lines and restore proper alignment. Gum grafts are commonly used to reshape the gum line and enhance the natural appearance of the teeth. 

Additionally, in certain cases, the graft can offer protection against tooth decay. Periodontal disease can negatively affect the appearance of the gums and mouth, which can impact a person’s confidence in their smile. As our gum graft specialist near Scarborough explains, cosmetic dental grafting surgery treatments are available to address various health and aesthetic concerns. 

If you are experiencing gum recession due to gum disease or other factors, consult with our skilled receding gum surgeon in Scarborough to explore treatment options for gum recession. At Golden Mile Dental, the center of receding gum line surgery in Scarborough, we are dedicated to helping our patients feel confident and at ease. Before observing bone loss in your teeth, contact us to save your oral health. 

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Gum Graft Surgery Cost

The price of gum graft surgeries in our Scarborough clinic varies based on different factors, including the complexity of the procedure, the extent of gum recession, and the overall oral health of the patients. 

If you would like to obtain further details regarding the cost of our gum repair surgery in Scarborough, please feel free to reach out to our gum graft surgeon or schedule an appointment with us.

The FAQs Part about our Gum Graft Surgeries in Scarborough

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our gum graft surgeries in Scarborough. If you are considering undergoing our surgeries to restore your gum tissues, we recommend reviewing this section to find more information on the topic.

As explained by our gum graft specialist in Scarborough, the duration of recovery after the surgery varies based on the patient’s condition. Typically, it takes approximately one to two weeks to return to your regular daily activities following the surgery.

You don’t need to worry. Whether you are undergoing emergency or cosmetic dental surgery, such as gum graft surgery, the dental specialists will use anesthesia or sedation dentistry to ensure a comfortable and pain-free dental experience. Additionally, our Scarborough dental specialist will provide you with post-operative care instructions to help you have a smoother recovery with minimal pain or discomfort.