How Are Major and Basic Restorative Dentistry Different?

How Are Major and Basic Restorative Dentistry Different

According to reliable statistics, nearly 90 percent of adults experience dental cavities as the most common dental problem. It’s so important to treat your decayed tooth to prevent further problems and protect your healthy smile. The most prevalent treatment your dentist performs to address dental cavities is fillings. It’s seemingly straightforward to plug the cavity and stop it from damaging another healthy tooth. But in fact, dental fillings are much more than a simple treatment and are amazingly useful. Such treatments are considered restorative dental services that can save your oral health and natural teeth. Here at Golden Mile Dental, our experienced dentists do everything they possibly can to restore your damaged teeth to their natural state in the most effective way.

There are three levels of restorative dental services that most dentists provide, including:

  • Basic restorative dental services
  • Major restorative dental services
  • Preventative dental care

It’s necessary to understand which type of restorative dental services you need based on how severe the problem is. Your experienced dentist can determine which method is the best for your situation. Today’s article explains the differences between major and basic restorative dentistry to help you make the best decision.

What Is Basic Restorative Dental Care?

When it comes to basic restorative dentistry, dental fillings are the most important procedure. Typically, dental cavities are considered one of the most prevalent dental emergencies to handle. These damaging holes result from untreated tooth decay, and a professional emergency dentist can fill them perfectly.

What Are Major Restorative Dental Services?

If you keep overlooking your decayed tooth and its cavities, more complicated situations can be caused. It’s more expensive and complicated to treat advanced levels of tooth decay. There are some other services of restorative dentistry that cosmetic dentists mainly provide, including:

  • Dentures: In some severe cases, your dentist can’t save the damaged tooth, and you need to replace it. You can choose full or partial dentures as a popular tooth replacement option to regain your beautiful smile.
  • Tooth Implants: Another tooth replacement option you have is dental implants if it’s not possible to save your natural tooth. Your implant dentist can insert a titanium or ceramic implant into your jawbone, and you need to wait a few months to get healed and take the next step. Dental implants are perfectly similar to your natural teeth and have the same function and appearance, explaining their popularity.
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  • Dental Crowns: These dental caps are one of the most prevalent and valuable restorative dental treatments. If your natural tooth is too vulnerable and needs extra protection, cosmetic crowns are a fantastic choice. Furthermore, your dentist may recommend you get a dental crown after undergoing root canal therapy or getting a dental implant.
  • Dental Bridges: If you have a damaged teeth that can’t be saved, you can choose tooth bridges to replace them.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know which type of restorative dental services can meet your needs. Visit your reliable dentist, and they can give you the most practical recommendations after assessing your oral condition.