How Can You Upgrade Your Smile with Dental Crowns?

These days, there is a variety of options in cosmetic dentistry to choose from if you want to enhance your smile and make it flawless. Each cosmetic dental treatment has its own benefits, and it’s essential to know your needs and preferences to make the most suitable decision. One of the most used restorations in cosmetic dentistry is dental crowns, widely used to treat many different cosmetic dental problems. At Golden Mile Dental, experienced cosmetic dentists provide patients with the best cosmetic crown services to give them a smile they’ve always wished for. Dental crowns are significantly beneficial in many ways as they can cover the tooth’s visible part and offer protection against acids, bite forces, and harmful bacteria. The good news is dental crowns are similar to your natural teeth, so you don’t need to worry when you smile as it has an amazingly natural appearance. If you don’t know you can be an ideal candidate for cosmetic crowns and need more information, continue to read and understand how dental crowns can upgrade your smile.

dental veneer
dental veneer

What Can You Expect When Visiting Your Cosmetic Dentist to Get Dental Crowns?

You typically need to visit your cosmetic dentist for at least two visits if you want dental crowns. Your cosmetic dentist needs to prepare the intended tooth in the first visit by removing some of the enamel from its sides. It makes your tooth more fitted when you want to cover it with a dental crown. Furthermore, some impressions need to be taken during the first visit so the technicians can make a proper dental restoration in the dental lab. The process of making your dental crown usually takes two weeks, and your cosmetic dentist places a temporary crown on your teeth until the second visit, when your permanent crown is ready and will be replaced with the temporary one.

What Dental Problems Can Be Treated with Cosmetic Crowns?

  • Damaged tooth: dental crowns can be a good option for patients with a severely damaged or decayed teeth. Protecting your damaged tooth with a crown after undergoing root canal therapy is essential to prevent other problems. A cosmetic crown can help hold the tooth together, preventing it from breaking apart or other serious dental emergencies you don’t want to experience.
  • Discolored teeth: if your teeth are severely stained and discolored, teeth whitening treatment may not suit your needs. Although teeth whitening is a popular and valuable treatment, it can’t affect specific stains, including those caused by fluorosis, tooth decay, or tetracycline antibiotics. In such cases, your cosmetic dentist recommends you to cover your stained tooth with a cosmetic crown to hide these imperfections.
  • Spaces between teeth: although the most popular procedure for people with gaps between teeth is orthodontic treatment, dental crowns can also be beneficial. Crowns can be used to close up abnormal gaps between your teeth.

Dental crowns can offer a long-term solution that will benefit you for years. Contact your cosmetic dentist to gain more information about how crowns can upgrade your smile!

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