Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth It?

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Your discolored or stained teeth can be one of your biggest concerns ever as they destroy your self-confidence and don’t let you smile or laugh like before.

People who suffer from yellowish teeth or dental stains as the result of smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating inappropriately, are not alone. Surprisingly, this problem even can occur to people with excellent standard oral hygiene and make them extremely shocked as most of them can’t find the leading reason for their discolored teeth. So what should you do?

It’s obvious that living with a smile you are dissatisfied with can be bothering, which explains why teeth whitening treatment is becoming more and more people among patients. A professional teeth whitening treatment can significantly help you have your dreamy smile and self-confidence back again, letting you talk and laugh without being ashamed of showing your teeth.

Professional cosmetic dentists and other experts at Golden Mile Dental are perfectly trained and educated to treat patients with discolored and stained teeth with a teeth whitening procedure. Although you can ask your family members or friends if they have any experience with a teeth whitening treatment, it’s better to search for patient opinions and satisfaction rates on the internet to see how excellent this procedure is. Here we explain why teeth whitening is worth your money and attention if you are still hesitant.

Does teeth whitening treatment damage your teeth’ health?

In comparison to other cosmetic dental procedures, such as dental implants, teeth whitening is considered one of the most non-abrasive and straightforward cosmetic procedures that almost has no risks if an experienced dentist does it. Teeth whitening treatment won’t damage your enamel and only affects the dentin part of your tooth, which carries the stains. Also, your cosmetic dentist can benefit from sedation options to calm you if you are one of those highly stressed patients.

How often should you have teeth whitening treatment?

Unlike other cosmetic treatments like dental bridges, crowns, etc., the effects of teeth whitening treatment aren’t much durable. After having a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can see the results for six months to two years if you maintain great oral hygiene. However, many people would rather whiten their teeth every six months, and some use at-home-trays to keep their teeth white. Remember, at-home teeth whitening options can be dangerous if you don’t have enough information about them. Many people face serious dental problems like gum disease or serious damages to their teeth roots, making them have treatments like root canal treatment.

Can everyone be a candidate for teeth whitening?

Not everyone has the proper oral condition to have teeth whitening treatment. Patients who have teeth restorations before can’t use the advantages of teeth whitening treatment which explains why your cosmetic dentist won’t let patients with dental crowns or dental veneers have teeth whitening treatment. Also it’s not recommended for children as teeth whitening treatment isn’t standard in children’s dentistry.

Don’t forget to consult with your cosmetic dentist about every question you have and ask him to clarify the situation for you.

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