Sensitivity Associated with Teeth Whitening

Achieving a beautiful pearly smile can really boost your self- confidence and make you feel amazing. If you have ever experienced sensitivity associated with teeth whitening, you know that it may temporarily cause some discomfort.

Tooth whitening gels feature hydrogen peroxide, which is known to cause tooth whitening sensitivity for some people. Especially if you are someone who already has sensitivity but the level of sensitivity you experience is based on key factors.

Speak with your dentist regarding your sensitivity in order to treat them accordingly with the best whitening method for your teeth. Common causes of sensitivity may include Recession, exposed Dentin (inner layer of tooth), Tooth Wear, Cavities, Clenching or Grinding your teeth.

Once you have stopped whitening, the sensitivity will go away, but while whitening you can use these tips to alleviate sensitivity;

  1. Be aware of the peroxide level in whitening agent
  2.  Using a well fitted customized tray made by your dentist
  3.  Speak to your dentist about application time based on your oral health and the level of peroxide
  4. Using a desensitizing toothpaste for after whitening care that contains Potassium Nitrate.
    Example: Crest Pro Health or Sensodyne
  5. Using an extra soft toothbrush, getting the job done gently but yet effectively
  6. Try avoiding extreme temperatures, extremely hot or extremely cold beverages can cause sensitivity
  7. Speaking to your dentist regarding a dentist dispensed product like MI paste, that helps block exposed Dentin between whitening procedures.

Most of the discomfort caused by tooth whitening is preventable, reversible and treatable. Your dentist can help guide you through your whitening process in order to safely

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