Snore Guards in Scarbrough

Affordable Snore Guards in Scarbrough

Snore guards are among the most commonly used appliances to treat snoring and mild sleep apnea that does not yet require a C-PAP machine. The small oral appliance is worn when sleeping in order to open the air passage and prevent your tongue and jaw from slipping back and obstructing your airway when the muscles relax. The snore guard is designed in such a way that your lower jaw remains in a forward position so that your breathing airways do not become blocked when you sleep.

By wearing the snore guard, you can sleep soundly without constantly waking to catch your breath, and you don’t wake up feeling fatigued or lethargic the next day.

We would love to help you address your snoring issue by taking the time to evaluate your needs and identify the right snore guard to alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea. Get in touch with us to start enjoying a good night’s sleep!