Different Treatments Used to Address Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergencies are situations that require immediate treatment. They can be painful and dangerous if left untreated, so it’s important to know how to recognize them and what action you should take when they happen. At Golden Mile Dental, our expert dentists provide comprehensive and advanced treatment for all types of dental emergencies. Whether it’s a broken or chipped tooth, an abscessed tooth, a severe cavity, or gum disease – we have the expertise and technology to quickly diagnose your issue and create a tailored plan to ensure that you get back to optimal oral health as soon as possible. Let’s discuss the various emergency dental treatments typically used to address those issues.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a common dental emergency procedure. Emergency dentists choose root canal therapy to remove the infected pulp from inside a tooth and clean and restore its function utilizing advanced dentistry tools. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extracting your wisdom tooth can prevent future emergency situations. Wisdom teeth are the last molars that grow in at around age 17-25 years old, and if left untreated, wisdom teeth may cause pain and infection of surrounding tissues as well as damage to other teeth because they’re not positioned correctly for chewing food properly.

Tooth Restoration

 If you have a toothache or pain that just won’t go away, it’s likely that you have a cavity. Cavities are holes in your teeth caused by decay, a common dental emergency. If left untreated, they can lead to more serious problems like infection and loss of bone structure around the tooth root. In order to fill these cavities with something stronger than what nature provided, emergency dentists will use tooth restorations like fillings or porcelain composites.

Tooth Pain Relief

Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to help reduce tooth pain. Applying a cold compress directly to the affected area can also help relieve some discomfort caused by toothaches. However, the best option is to visit your emergency dentist for sedative medications and feel relieved from the pain. 

Tooth Replacement

If you’re in need of a tooth replacement, there are several options to choose from.

  • Dental implants: These are artificial roots that are placed into the jawbone and fused with it over time. Emergency dentists can use tooth implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth.
  • Bridges: An abutment and two dental crowns make up a bridge. The purpose of dental bridges is to provide support for surrounding teeth while filling in gaps left by missing ones.
  • Dentures: Dentures are removable appliances that fit over your gums and other remaining natural teeth when all others have been lost. They come in partial dentures form as well as full set versions depending on what type fits best for each individual patient’s needs.


Dental emergencies can be painful and scary. But there are treatments available to address them, so don’t panic! If you have a dental emergency, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention and follow preventive measures to avoid future problems with your teeth.


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