Dental Bridge: Are You a Suitable Candidate?

partial dentures

These days, different fields of dentistry have significantly improved due to the technology advancements. As a result, you can find many different dental procedures and services tailored to a variety of needs and demands. It gives everyone an opportunity to enhance their smiles and protect their oral wellness in the most effective way possible. But first, you need some basic information about common treatments offered by dentists in order to make the best decision. Here at Golden Mile Dental, our experts can guide you through these various services to make the wisest choice according to your requirements. A very popular option these days is a dental bridge. They can bridge the gap between two healthy teeth and complete your damaged smile. That’s why dentists use them widely: bridges are significantly practical and can be used in treatment plans to restore one’s oral wellness. Our dentists can provide the highest quality dental bridge services in Scarborough whenever needed. Keep reading this blog to understand whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Your Other Teeth Are Healthy.

If you are a candidate for this treatment, you should understand how important it is to have healthy surrounding teeth. Many patients visit our professionals when they have decayed, broken, or infected teeth. They have to receive needed care, such as our root canal services in Scarborough, to become an ideal candidate afterward. Such damaged teeth can cause the bridge treatment to fail, and it will be a waste of time and money.

You Don’t Suffer from Gum Disease.

Having completely healthy teeth and gums is necessary before getting those dental prosthetics. Untreated disease can cause gum recession, which requires advanced treatment and care. You can ask for our Scarborough gum graft services to fix the soundness of your gums and soft tissues. A healthy mouth reduces the risk of possible side effects and complications after the procedure.

You Are Missing One to Three Teeth.

Missing a few teeth is a traumatizing thing that nobody wants to experience. In this case, you have multiple options to regain your beautiful smile. You can visit our reliable implant dentists in Scarborough or a cosmetic dentist for dentures. If you find yourself interested in dental bridges, you should know that your missing teeth should be consecutive.

You Have Enough Jawbone Mass.

Patients with adequately jawbone density can be good candidates for this process. Otherwise, the bridges can’t be supported properly, and the risk of treatment failure increases. Lack of jawbone mass is a real problem and you should visit our emergency dentists in Scarborough for a solution as soon as possible.

Your General Wellness Is Acceptable.

As mentioned, surrounding teeth should be shaped so your dentist can attach the bridge. This process impacts your overall dental health, especially your gums. Therefore, your specialist should qualify you as a candidate after assessing your condition. It’s a rule applying to all our replacement options, including Scarborough dentures, bridges, etc.

If you don’t know whether you are eligible enough, make an appointment to visit our professionals for more information!