Gum Graft: Is It Needed Before Getting Implants?

Gum Graft: Is It Needed Before Getting Implants?

Have you ever thought about the worst-case scenario that can happen to your smile? As a matter of fact, missing one or more teeth is the worst experience an individual can have. It totally ruins your smile and negatively affects your oral wellness. That’s why you have to consider a proper plan to replace that tooth in order to prevent more severe complications. Fortunately, you can find many different selections at Golden Mile Dental offered for different needs, conditions and demands. Still, a tooth implant is always the superior selection you can select to have your lost tooth ideally replaced. They are significantly natural-looking and last for a lifetime.

Our professionals offer the best dental implants in Scarborough, but there are still some important points you have to know before starting this process. Your dentist may suggest removing your decayed tooth, jawbone graft, and some other extra procedures to guarantee the implant results. There is also another supplementary procedure many don’t know which is gum graft. Keep reading this blog to comprehend how it can coordinate with the implant procedure.

When Is It Necessary?

If you are one of those patients with receding and exposed gums, our gum graft surgery in Scarborough is what you need. Otherwise, you won’t be a good candidate to get a tooth implant. This surgery can be performed in three methods to achieve different purposes.

  1. Connective tissue graft
  2. Free gingival graft
  3. Lateral graft

Our experienced Scarborough sedation dentists use proper doses of sedative medicine during these procedures to make them painless and smooth.

Why Does It Happen?

Gum recession can be caused due to different reasons. Aggressive brushing, bad dental habits like teeth grinding, genetics, an impact on the face, etc., are some of those cases. The crucial thing many neglect is the importance of receiving immediate care on such occasions. If you visit our skilled emergency dentists in Scarborough as soon as facing trauma, you are less likely to experience gum recession. Regardless of the cause, having a healthy jawbone is a must to ensure the success of treatment.

When Should It Be Performed?

Sometimes, your dentist suggests tooth extraction. If so, they can perform gum graft surgery at the same time to enhance the outcomes. It prevents more gum recession and preserves your jawbone mass ideally. We provide our patients with the best tooth and wisdom tooth removal in Scarborough to meet all your needs adequately.

What Are the Advantages?

Besides how gum graft is necessary for your oral wellness, it can improve your smile appearance as well. According to what our Scarborough cosmetic specialists say, it keeps your gums healthy, which is a great beauty factor if you demand a flawless smile. It also prevents bacteria accumulation within that junction to keep your smile healthy.

There is no need to mention how tooth implants are amazing and the best decision you can ever make. Although we offer quality dentures and tooth bridges in Scarborough, an implant will always be our priority. Visit us for more information!