Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth Before Getting Braces?

One of the biggest causes of concern for teenagers and even adults are wisdom teeth. As we have all heard, the negative effects of wisdom teeth are always one of the greatest subjects to discuss surrounding dentistry. But how your third molars, known as wisdom teeth, can impact your shiny smile? Will wisdom teeth cause crooked teeth for people with beautiful straight smiles? These questions are one of the most common things our patients ask at Golden Mile Dental that our professional dentists will clearly answer. But the importance of this subject is more significant if you are considering orthodontic treatment. No one wants to deal with problems caused by the growth of wisdom teeth after getting braces. Many kids and teenagers are candidates for orthodontic treatments as they want to fix their misaligned and crooked teeth. So, they need to ensure the growth of wisdom teeth won’t disturb the orthodontic treatment process. If you worry about the complications of wisdom teeth growth, an experienced orthodontist can help you to prevent potential problems. Continue to read this article and gain more helpful information about these morals.


When is a wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

You must have regular checkups with your dentist if you worry about your wisdom teeth. Your orthodontist or cosmetic dentist can notice whether there is enough space for your wisdom teeth to grow with the help of X-rays. Most patients usually don’t have enough space for normal eruption, which is why your dentist will recommend a wisdom tooth extraction. The impacted wisdom tooth can lead to different dental emergencies like a tooth infection or other issues like misaligned teeth.

Can an orthodontist extract your wisdom tooth?

If you need a wisdom tooth removal, an orthodontist may be capable enough to help you. Otherwise, they can refer you to suitable professionals to have your wisdom tooth extracted. For instance, a pediatric dentist is more suitable than a regular orthodontic if the client is an anxious child. The pediatric dentist knows how to behave to make them calm and relaxed. Your orthodontist can tell whether they can remove your wisdom tooth after they observe your condition and examine your oral health.

What is the process of wisdom tooth removal?

You may experience dental procedures like teeth whitening treatment or other light processes. Wisdom tooth removal isn’t as simple as such procedures as it’s considered oral surgery. Your oral surgeon needs to use sedative medications to minimize your pain and discomfort during the process. Your healing time is also important, and you must have a few days off after your wisdom tooth removal. Don’t worry about the gap caused due to the removed wisdom tooth. You don’t need to fill this gap with restoration options like dental implants, as the gap will be fixed thanks to orthodontic treatment.

Is removing wisdom teeth necessary before getting braces?

It is a difficult question with no definite answer. Professionals recommend not delaying your orthodontic treatment just because of fears around wisdom teeth.

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