Is It Possible to Receive Braces While Having Crowns or Veneers?

One of the most effective factors in your smile is the alignment of your teeth. Your teeth should be ideally straight and aligned in order to have a charming and flawless smile. Also, many feel significantly insecure about their crooked teeth and seek an effective approach to fix this problem. Now, what’s the solution? Fortunately, orthodontic dentistry has been helping such people achieve dreamy smiles and giving them a chance to feel comfortable showing their teeth. You can visit our experts in Golden Mile Dental to receive the highest quality of orthodontic services and straighten your teeth. However, there are many things that you need to be aware of before making your final decision. One of the most common questions patients ask is if they can receive braces even though they have crowns or veneers in their mouths. You have many options available even in these cases, and nothing can stop you from aligning your teeth in the most ideal and effective way possible. Our skillful orthodontists in Scarborough are the ones who can give you all the needed explanations to make the wisest choice possible. Keep reading this blog to understand a few important tips about this case.

Will My Restorations Get Damaged?

The answer is no. However, it depends on the material quality and how your crowns or veneers are made. If they are strong and durable enough, you can expect no damage during the orthodontics process. Patients who have received their restorations in our clinic can be sure that they won’t get damaged even after getting braces. Our dentists offer the best crown services in Scarborough and we completely guarantee the quality of materials. The technique your orthodontist uses also impacts the results, and they have to use the best approaches to attract the braces to your tooth restorations so the risk of any damage gets minimized.

What Is the Best Kind of Orthodontics?

As you probably know, there are many different types of orthodontic treatments available. You need to consult your professional and choose the most fitting one based on your requirements. Each of them provides its own cons and pros, which are carefully analyzed by your dentist to make the best decision in the end. If it’s possible, our experts recommend choosing clear braces, but you need to understand they are not as precise as fixed braces. It’s better to listen to your orthodontist’s advice and see what their suggestions are. If you have received our quality crown, filling, or veneer services in Scarborough, you don’t need to worry about braces.

Should I Replace Them After the Treatment?

Once you have your braces off, you probably notice your teeth get discolored over time. It’s something completely normal and happens to all orthodontic patients. Fortunately, most dentists offer whitening services at that time to boost the results. However, it can affect your restorations, and you may have no other option but to replace them. It’s recommended to consider our Scarborough whitening treatment and then you can replace your crowns and veneers.

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