Is It Possible to Reverse Dental Veneer Treatment?

Is It Possible to Reverse Dental Veneer Treatment

Have you ever asked yourself why all celebrities have flawless, shiny smiles? If you think they all have good genetics, you are completely wrong! Nowadays, all celebrities have gained their perfect smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry and its amazing procedures. This branch of dentistry is fully focused on your smile appearance and tries to improve it as much as possible. Many different services are provided to fix aesthetic flaws with your smile, but it’s vital to visit a reliable dentist. Our experienced professionals at Golden Mile Dental have supported hundreds of patients to achieve their dream smiles through the most advanced and smooth procedures. One of the most popular methods to perfect one’s smile is using veneers. These wafer-thin covers only get bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to make them look flawless and add more protection to them. A common question many ask is about the of get back to normal teeth after getting veneers. You can come to our clinic to get the answer because our dentists offer advanced veneer services in Scarborough in the highest quality possible. Before visiting our experts, it’s highly recommended to keep reading this blog if you want some helpful information first.

What Problems Can these Shells Address?

They can correct a broad range of problems to perfect your smile, including:

  • Dental gaps
  • Chips and fractures
  • Discoloration
  • Misalignment
  • Wear and tear

According to what our Scarborough emergency dentists explain, veneers can also prevent further issues and decrease the risk of urgent oral health problems in the future.

Can the Treatment Be Reversed?

Your dentist should remove a few layers of your teeth in order to prepare them to get veneers. Therefore, there is no way to get back to your natural teeth because of the removed enamel. That’s why you should carefully consult with our cosmetic specialists in Scarborough if you consider veneers for upgrading your smile look. It’s possible to remove these shells, but you should know that your teeth are significantly weaker and more sensitive than usual if you don’t cover them with a type of dental restoration like crowns or veneers. The best thing you can do is take care of your veneers to increase their lifespan and preserve your healthy smile.

Is there any alternative?

Definitely yes! If you don’t want to have layers of the enamel removed, you can choose an alternative. In our clinic, you can find one of the best tooth bonding in Scarborough, as it’s a perfect alternative for patients who want a similar look to veneers without being as permanent. However, bonding is less durable and requires more maintenance to be beautiful and brilliant.

How to Take Care of Them?

It’s significantly essential to learn the most effective techniques in order to protect veneers in your mouth. You need to preserve them just like your natural teeth, and remember these restorations can’t get affected by professional teeth whitening, so you need to prevent them from getting stained. Also, don’t forget about visiting your dentist once in a while for a comprehensive oral examination!

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