Common Options to Restore a Broken Tooth

What Are the Common Options to Restore a Broken Tooth?

A broken or chipped tooth is usually considered a dental trauma as it can put your oral health in danger. It’s important for everyone to feel safe and secure enough when smiling. Unfortunately, problems like broken, discolored, missing, or chipped teeth might make you feel uncomfortable when showing your teeth. Thanks to the recent developments in restorative dentistry, there are many different procedures to restore a damaged or broken tooth. Many visit our professionals at Golden Mile Dental in order to regain their shiny smile by fixing their broken teeth. The only thing you need is to visit your dentist as soon as possible to prevent further complications. It’s necessary to address a broken tooth immediately as it significantly increases the chance of other dental emergencies and problems. If you have the same experience and want to know what options can repair your tooth in the best way, this blog can help you. Keep reading to learn about the most useful dental restorations to repair a broken tooth.

Dental filling: The first suggestion of your restorative dentist to repair your damaged tooth might be a tooth filling. Typically, fillings are the most popular dental restoration since they are used to treat cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, you can choose tooth-colored fillings, which is a popular Scarborough cosmetic dental procedure, if you don’t like the appearance of amalgam fillings.

Dental veneers: Our cosmetic and restorative dentists suggest porcelain veneers to restore your oral health. Veneers will bond the front surface of your broken tooth and restore its shape, size, form, and structure.

Dental bonding: You can ask your dentist to explain about bonding if you think it’s a good option. Generally speaking, tooth bonding is the least invasive procedure to restore a broken tooth.

Dental crown: In the world of dentistry, there are many different applications associated with crowns. Dentists use this amazing dental restoration in bridge treatment, after root canal therapy, or as an artificial dental implant. Moreover, dental crowns can cover a broken tooth if the damage is more extensive, and a veneer isn’t effective enough.

Dental implant: If you leave your broken tooth untreated, you might lose it forever. If so, you have no other option but to replace it with partial dentures or implants. Most dentists recommend tooth implants as the most functional and natural-looking tooth replacement option. When there is no way to save your natural tooth, your dentist may extract the remaining part of your broken tooth and replace it with an implant.

Dental sealants: It’s a very popular dental restoration that child dentists usually use to prevent the risk of further problems for your children. Still, they are used for adults to protect your infected and chipped tooth.

Root canal: If you leave your cracked tooth for a time, it can get infected. In such circumstances, root canal therapy is the only option to avoid tooth extraction and preserve your damaged tooth.

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