What Procedures Can a Pediatric Dentist Offer?

pediatric dentist

Typically, pediatric dental procedures are much different from adult dentistry, but they are relatively similar. As a parent, you need to take good care of your child’s oral health because their teeth are developing, and this period should be carefully monitored by a professional pediatric dentist. You should take your child to a reliable pediatric dentist as they are experienced professionals who can offer proper dental care for your child based on their needs. Our experienced pediatric dentists at Golden Mile Dental are ready to provide your child with the highest quality of services to persevere their shiny smiles. Unfortunately, some parents aren’t adequately aware of the pediatric dentist’s role in their child’s oral well-being and don’t take those dental visits seriously. Children who don’t visit professional pediatric dentists are more prone to dental problems and experience more dental trauma and pain. Therefore, you need to increase your knowledge about pediatric dentistry to be a good parent for your child. Today’s blog explains a few pediatric dental procedures that are the most common for children.

Tooth extraction: Although it’s surprising many teenagers and children need professional tooth removal during their youth. Fortunately, all pediatric dentists are perfectly trained in this field and know how to calm your child before starting the treatment. A pediatric dentist usually uses local sedation or other types of anesthesia so your child is less likely to feel any pain and discomfort.

Dental filling: One of the most common procedures offered by pediatric dentists is dental filling. Most children tend to eat sweets and can’t maintain standard and perfect oral hygiene. Therefore, the risk of tooth decay, a common dental emergency, is so high for children, and you need to be careful as a parent. A dental filling is a popular tooth restoration that can simply address a decayed tooth. Amalgam or ceramic porcelain are popular materials for dental fillings, and your dentist will recommend one of them according to your child’s condition and needs.

Dental crowns: Tooth infection results from ignoring a decayed tooth in children. It’s a very sensitive situation that should be immediately managed by a pediatric dentist. In some circumstances, root canal therapy may be needed. Otherwise, the infected and damaged tooth can get restored with a crown. Crowns are significantly popular in cosmetic dentistry and offer different benefits. If your child’s tooth can get repaired by a filling, a cosmetic crown can be a suitable option to renew the damaged tooth.

Oral cleaning: Cleaning your mouth by a dentist two times a year is vital if you want a beautiful shiny smile. Dental cleanings are even more important for children’s dentists because your child is usually more susceptible to cavities and decay due to excessive sugar consumption and poor oral hygiene. No sedative medicine is needed for dental cleaning, and this process is significantly easy, straightforward, and painless that allows the pediatric dentist to remove all build-up plaque.

If you want your child to smile all the time, come to visit our pediatric dentists for a consultation!